Facebook Stories on Profile

October 2017 — June 2018


As people move from broadcast, permanent sharing to more close-network, ephemeral sharing, Facebook added support for this behavior by investing in a Stories product on the app. As a designer on Profile, I was asked to design methods to use Profile to support Stories’ presence as a part of the ecosystem. Since Profile is already seen as the storage shed of memories on Facebook, it was natural to give people a way to store as well as share their old Stories here as well.

I reshaped the profile picture from a square into a circle to show active Stories, created an entrypoint to add new Stories, supported bringing Archive to iOS, and designed Story Highlights. In this way, Profile became a home to not only store your ephemeral memories, but also a creation hub for sharing, just the way it is for your timeline posts.

Story Highlights

Story Highlights allow you to create collections from your existing stories and host them permanently on your profile, a natural place to store memories and share the important ones. It relies on three things:

  1. an existing backlog of archived Stories

  2. a way to create and manage collections of Stories you’re interested in sharing, and

  3. a place on Profile to display these collections permanently.

The prototype at the top of the page demonstrates how you’re introduced to Story Highlights when visiting your own profile, and then taken to your Archive to pick out the stories you’d like to create a Highlight from. After selecting the media you wish to feature, you can title your highlight and choose a specific story to serve as the cover media for this highlight. Highlights are defaulted to the privacy of your existing Story settings, and they will appear on your Profile in a dedicated section to that audience.