John Cage 100th Anniversary — Print
August-September 2013


I created a set of three book covers and designed a case for the trio of lectures and writings collection by writer, composer, and artist John Cage. 

The concept for the system comes from John Cage's own obsession with indeterminancy when composing or creating. The "seemingly random" nature of the type reflects his use of of "informed chance." As John Cage used the I Ching to compose by chance within a certain set of boundaries, I scattered type across a rigid grid to reflect that approach. 

The case was created with the intention to quiet the striking color contrast of the book covers. In using white acrylic, I achieved a translucency that served as a hint at the covers while calming the vibrating colors. The smooth and cool acrylic surface also provides a textural contrast to the warm, textured paper used to print the book covers.