learning blackletter by Vivian Ma

This is my last semester of calligraphy and I'm starting out with blackletter.  


As of now I don't connect the serifs with the verticals too well- and finding a lot of difficulty with capitals. Also, I seem to be writing in reverse italic. 


Here's some badly misspelled German- I took a passage from Nietzsche's writings.  

calligraphy final by Vivian Ma

I did my first stab at a historical survey of hands. 

The book is classically proportioned, which I kind of regret doing. If I were to do it over, I'd give it a much more modern layout and keep the only historical part the written hands. Also, the placement of the white descriptors ended up being a lot more centered-looking than I had intended- I had originally wanted them to look more right-aligned. 

Yesterday - mostly done by Vivian Ma

After a lot of painstaking revision and a lot more editing yet to do, I got together a version of my video for the senior show happening right now in the Miller Gallery at CMU. 

Yesterday is an app born out of a desire to have a no-friction tool to string together the photos that live on my phone into coherent stories that could be shared on any social network I wanted. Facebook multi-photo posts just don't get the kind of engagement I want, and are presented without much aesthetic care. Experiences that can't be told in just one photo alone, and would benefit from a little accompanying text, are what you would use Yesterday for. Honestly, I just wanted something that I could use other than email to show my parents what I'm up to from time to time. I have a lot to show, but no existing container on the internet is quite appropriate. 

It's funny, because while I was working on this app this semester, VSCO Journal came out, after Storehouse released an iPhone app. Still, it was great to be able to work on an app from scratch, with solutions guided by what I would like to see myself.

I'll be adding this with process to the portfolio this week!

Special thanks to Josie and Danny for starring in the video; y'all are great. 

bronze on blue by Vivian Ma

Working on this semester's calligraphy final- doing a historic survey with bronze mica powder on glo-tone French Paper. 


To be quite honest, this paper is terrible for calligraphy because of scratches up easily under nibs.