Start with STEAM — Advertising Campaign
November-December 2013


The corporate mailer is intended to encourage creativity and play while informing 

The last few decades in education have seen a major push for STEM-based learning - education that emphasizes Science, Technology Engineering, and Math. As crucial as these areas are for being a competitive job-seeker down the line, they are nothing if not paired with creativity that is unique to Art. Start with STEAM is a campaign to revive education in the arts. I worked with Zhuoshi to create an identity for an awareness campaign aimed at the general public with the aim of increasing funding for STEAM-based initiatives. Together, we created a bus shelter poster, a website, and a corporate mailer for the campaign.

We worked together with representatives from  Gateway to the Arts (a western Pennsylvania STEAM education advocate) to create our message.

The bus shelter poster serves a primary touchpoint with the campaign and is intended to direct viewers to the Start with STEAM site, which informs them through an animated experience what STEAM is and how they can get involved with bringing it to their area. The mailer is sent to corporations to ask for their financial support while giving them a hands-on experience with creativity and play with our moving pieces. 


The Start with STEAM website. 


Our 35"x52" bus shelter poster.



type studies with our logo

type studies with our logo


STEAM-based education aims to be the all-encompassing learning that produces high-achieving students in all areas, much like the "renaissance man." A renaissance man excels in both the sciences and the arts and uses them both to innovate. This inspired the goal behind our concept for our STEAM campaign: to revive the Renaissance spirit of innovation by educating children with STEAM-based learning.

Our visual language was developed keeping the idea of the classic "renaissance man" in mind. We created collages with imagery of iconic Renaissance masterpieces (architecture, art) to remind viewers that great works come from innovation, which is the intersection of creativity and education.

An important point of our campaign was to position art as inclusively as possible in learning, not as a foreign invader to STEM-based education. We wanted to show that creativity from the arts was inherent in al innovation and great masterpieces. In the corporate mailer, we touch on how the Renaissance spirit of innovation was also drove such cities as Florence to economic prosperity.